15 States of Mind and Real-Life Situations That Only a Woman Can Understand (In Version Gif)

I admit (and I don’t want that I it from spoiling the Lions automatically) many people should come with instruction manual. Women, in general, are complicated, but it is part of our charm and charm. There are things that the male mind is not able to understand, even making them a detailed sketch. And is that there are situations and States of mind that we are only able to understand (and at times, not even that). Do you feel identified? More you’re going to be after seeing these 15 situations in gif version.

Read in a tone of humor.

During the diet

It is to start a diet and a black hole settles in my stomach as if by magic. What cookie monster towards these becomes child’s play next to me.

When you’re a week without shaving you

It is a fact, in autumn and winter there is so much pressure and we got a little bit in terms of hair removal. That Yes, a week without going over the blade and the same Chewbacca gets hands to the head with our appearance.

How would awaken from a hangover vs. like to you how actually do you

The days of debauchery go Bill. And although in our mind we have an idyllic image of how wake with class and style (despite the rescaon), the truth is that reality is far from fiction.

When we lose a kilo…

Yes, the scale has not been wrong: you have downloaded a kilo. Oh, yeah! That gives you enough forces to go out on the streets which Candice Swanepoel moving hips. Here I am.

… And when we so fat

But when we win it… When the damn scale added a number to that number one sheaths wider garment that has in the closet and emulates the great Homer J. Simpson with his flower caftan.


You have an instinct and none of your friends is able to get you a picture of unexpected. He is smelling the camera and your nightly mating poses appear as if by magic.

In full operation bikini

In full operation bikini you’re not nonsense with any temptation or ice cream that you are you crossing your way to destroy it in seconds. Without mercy and with lots of blood cold.

Testing techniques of makeup at home

In the hours of aburriemiento at home are many which we painted as a picture pop art to learn new makeup techniques. Perhaps you don’t have the contouring of very by hand, but with practice we will achieve look decently.

Making the order at Starbucks

Who told you that you were a complicated? Only because you spend you half an hour by specifying how you want your coffee means nothing…

If one of your friends gaffe…

Us has ever happened: a friend big mouth speaks more than necessary. How to silence it? Knocking it from the other end of the room.

Trying to persuade the temptation to spend

You promise you save and 5 seconds your mind is diverted to a new showcase… No! Focus! We must save.

When you reply to the message

There are many the seconds it has been slow to answer you but suddenly Wham! You answer the WhatsApp with a message that full of yourself and your friend joy (the good friends will always spread your joy).

When a friend takes you to an outlet that you didn’t know

You thought you knew all the secret corners of your city, but suddenly she, your BFF par excellence, takes you drive up to a magnificent Outlet which you didn’t know.

When dries up the garment that you wanted

That is you think it twice. At the end the garment is to run out, and you stay with empty hands.

You on Valentine’s day

Valentine and you. You and Valentine. The mixture is not very good and your only plan is to roll with quilt and attacking ice cream.