A Trend That All-Encompassing: Banana Leaves. Walls, Furniture and Clothing, Would Who Gives More?

Trends not only are present in the world of fashion: the decoration also is governed by them and they are transferred to our wardrobe in a progressive manner. Do not? Here is an example of this. And is that the pattern of banana leaves It is petando it to another level and decorate walls, furniture and many garments. But it’s not something that caught us by surprise, many years ago that has been present. Do you fall into temptation…?

In decoration

In the world of decoration has been present for several decades. It sounds you that print something and you know what? Here’s the solution: one of the rooms of the Golden girls is lined with this print and also encompassed the quilt for the bed. Were they some visionary…? Who knows, but as we have always said, fashion is already all invented and is a matter of time before we go repeating each one of the trends.

The ‘Golden girls’ were a visionary

Although perhaps who imposed this print was one of the most legendary places of the city of Los Angeles. We speak of The Beverly Hills, an exclusive hotel steeped in history where in the 1950s all the big stars were staying. In the dining room The Fountain (among other many more rooms) can appreciate this type of walls, and perhaps people wanted to have a room like yours.

Trendy pointing to the trend

  • The Pagoda, Madrid (Spain). No need to go far to enjoy this type of decoration. In Madrid there is a restaurant that is worth visiting (not only because of its design but for their culinary proposals): the Pagoda. In some of its walls, we find this kind of scenery on the walls.
  • Peel Street Kitchen, South Brisbane (Australia). In Australia, we found a restaurant that is petando it for more than one year: Peel Street Kitchen. Impacts and like decoration, and your wall with this print is the most, or not?

Furniture is also dressed for the occasion

Not only the walls of the home can occur in this print as cool and tropical. If you are that you think that you can end up getting tired or you seems a little too much the theme, you can always sign up for this fashion on furniture come lined with this print. Who did so has been the protagonist of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (I’m flawed to this reality), Roxy Sowlaty, that career of Interior Designer has not hesitated launched a collection of furniture. Chairs, armchairs and cushions are presented in this trend.

The world of fashion

But this tendency affects not only home, our cabinet can also get benefited. And so we’ve been seeing it along this summer 2015. If H & M petaba it with a monkey shorts and Sweetheart neckline, bath garments have also worn Super way on the beach. Who can resist to look this kind of leaves?

What do you think…?