Berlin Fashion Week: Schumacher In The Neon Rush

The traffic light is green, engines ROAR. The smoke is in the air, the Sun disappears behind the thick, gray clouds and rarely touched the hot asphalt. Then an electronic remix von Feists “my Moon, my man”. A tender creature crosses my path, a girl with long blond hair, whose silhouette cream organza swings. You do not freeze, as knitting warms up her chest, a dress put together two elements: urban Futurism – sportswear bounces on artisan Couture feat.

That dares to break boundaries through 2012 in the coming Sonnensaison and toward a multifaceted future full of contrasts German label Schumacher – homage to the eclectic style works, a balancing act between Couture chic and utility appeal. A picture of modern urban nomads, survivalist of our time formed in my head. Time flows and material flows, but something must keep you warm, Earth. Jersey meets eyelet embroidery, rough on delicate. Silk forms a unit with fixed lines. Was crazy, fall on lamp and stand with both feet on the ground. Surprise and shock not. Metallic on high-rise Safari Orange piping, neon crystals, pink and Acid Green, blue and this popcorn colors, which keep us from going crazy and accompany us. Pink however may occur as a soloist, as soft flowing fabrics take all their hardness of the signal color.

Schumacher works up quite inconspicuous equal to several trends, almost so, as completely informal fashion. Neon yellow and pink and coral, often in combination with nude as peeler of the gaudy colour blockings. Completely plain-colored outfits, block paragraphs in glitter and gold, reminiscent of Miu Miu. Transparency, mirrored pattern, trousers slip back slightly deeper direction hip, dresses are flirting with forms of the 20s, the 70s Safari theme implemented ultra-modern and even metallic qualities may back once again on the catwalk.

I would just love to ship some of the shown pieces in my own wardrobe, others should rather take hold in slightly more spheres. All in all I nothing left than to bow before Madame Dorothee Schumacher – even without the German Luca Gadjus as a first model on the catwalk, our mind movies can be no better inspired. The rest is and remains Geschmacksacke.