Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss Also Dress Christmas Thanks to Handle

We all have something in common with another person in the world is as true as that each mortal wears special clothing in the Christmas time. Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss still unstoppable in the campaign of Mango and now dress party in the style of 70’s, both extraordinary thanks to these designs with black and sequins have VIP entrance.

Black and gold clothing but also involved in sequin to become perfect for those nights of Christmas in which the only thing that matters is to shine inside and fuera.* * the two top-models are extraordinary * in these new photographs that firm Mango shows to demonstrate that low-cost also know Crown a Christmas look.

The fever of the 1970s becomes more festive night of the year with the clubbing spirit of the legendary Studio 54. The mini-dresses, flared monkeys and the necklines of vertigo are the undisputed Kings of the collection. Prepare yourselves because from these dates you find more black, velvet and sequins per square meter in trendy shops that Christmas gifts in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

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