Duel Mini (Skirts): Asos Us Help to Look The Fashion of The before

It is curious as trends You can decide whether something is or not current. The fashion is fickle and nothing has imported that this has been one of the hottest ever summers, because he has decided that the suede fabric was a must to take into account. Jackets, tops and skirts have dressed him, and in ASOs they have released a miniskirt that has triumphed among bloggers. That is why today we have a new Duel of style.

He is a version in beige color which is anudad at the waist with a loop. It is the simplest but at the same time stylish and feel well with almost everything. So today we have two versions of wearing it: crop top of flywheel in sky blue and santalias anklet or a white blouse that lets us shoulder to air and high Sandals Gladiator style.

Which option would you stay?