Our Small Aufmunterer: Favorite Pieces!

Unbeatable theme, that can never be obsolete: the weather. Whether it’s too hot, too cold, too windy or too wet. We have always something to expose and upset all the time about it. But it is also understandable if such a trifle pulls a long rat tail behind him, affects our everyday life, and not rarely restricts us.

No picnics, no Draußentage and also not relaxing sunshine, when it rains like this. The summer is over, since Let’s have no more illusions. Time is, no longer going to whine, but to concentrate fully on the upcoming, sure beautiful late summer and early fall.

And how can you best atmospheric? Of course quite superficial: with new pieces in the wardrobe.

Our most beautiful sweatshirts we have picked out for you, we come in the next few weeks so to small needs, to help the cold air clothing technically extract against to full and to keep the summer flu. And how do we cheer us now to me nothing’s nothing on?

By ourselves in the search for small, low-cost Glucklichmachhern and enjoy it, instead of complaining about the weather. I for myself anyway, found out that above little things could make me quite happy and my closet members need to be better today than tomorrow.

How do?

Vagabond shoes aren’t having at my feet while yet after Germany available, but. This way. Sunglasses by Henry Holland is in collaboration with Le specs the pink blouse and the sleeveless coarse knit sweater finds at weekday, as well as the bracelets from cheap Monday. The satchel bag is for very little money at MONKI. ASOS outfits from left to right: skirt, jacket and skirt.

You did already find your little Darling pieces for the late summer/autumn?