Pay a Fortune for a Bag Looking Worn and Rusty? The Luxurious Saint Laurent Believes That If

Luxury goods not everyone understands but that precisely why they become great. New bags that Saint Laurent has launched on the market have a looking worn and rusty but still they are still luxury and luxury is also its price, around the 2,000 euros each. The French firm is risking because he knows it successful, they will not be sold as black or camel but who get it will be special.

The skin looks that it has been used for years, the fittings that have been abandoned in a storage room, everything looks pretty sloppy but at the same time it is created to taking care of all the details. This is precisely be original and also great. To my it seems wonderful to me and I think that you have to be very sensitive to choose this model among so many colors, just as we must endure that people talk of your bag and you ask that dump it has rescued.

The collection is quite wide and you can also find bags of different sizes and colors but all of them with this innovative texture. Perhaps it has been planned for a rebellious, passionate girl luxury but not go exposing clothes that looks, it is clear that someone special.