Still Don’t Know How to Put Streaks in 2016? We Bring You Many Ideas for Ti

The stripes they are one of the big hits of the season, and not only the sailor striped, of course, never not passing fashion, but all other: horizontal because they fatten not as much as they say, vertical, because they say that they Stylize and make higher, and rays of the shirts lifetime, in blue and in diplomatic style. It aims How to wear stripes fashion bloggers.

A striped shirtdress It is a sure hit. Retrieves the striped shirts, especially if they are oversize, and carry them up the shorts, rolled up.

The striped dresses, especially if they are knitted or crochet are a hit of the season. The ideal is to take them with a sporty air.

Or if you prefer, retrieve the retro of the crochet and wear a Bohemian style as if you came from the 1970s, but always with stripes.

And if you’re shy with stripes, try to take them in romantic blouses with your favorite jeans. Impossible to mistake.