Strange Props In Fashion Part 2: Miu Miu Video – Creative Or Funny?

I am evident today in Maduri mood. I apologize for that time advance, but in the light of the latest Miu Miu – shorts it itches me simply too much in your fingers.

At michalsky’s great show I couldn’t let also has the head-shaking, because to let the fact of swimsuit models with giant side boards plus high heels on the catwalk stroll I could unfortunately not too seriously take (Sarah let off so just the images). No, that’s doesn’t seem subtle. Then talked to Katja from the soul, when she discovered skateboards on the images of the Celine campaign – what the hell should the da just? Miu Miu and Prada put on the Crown the Crown of all, because Office chairs can be eur opinion hardly pretty scene today sat morning I stumbled in the end once again about Miu Miu – the latest mood clip “Muta“, while all sorts of beautiful collection parts includes, suddenly but with masks and Stilbruch commits yellow Pestizit-something bottle, my forehead was be wrinkled. Cope?

And here I must also include me on your own nose. Because how often I groan of platitudes and cliches, how often do I despair at the played flawlessness of the fashion world? Often, very often. Now, Prada’s little sister so brings movies out, which has glitter shoes shown a clear contrast to the all sorts of and sweet girl attitude. And I think it’s once good.

Miu Miu FW2011 film “MUTA” by Lucrecia Martel from gabriel on Vimeo.

A small story that can act like a robot women reveals itself, everything is dark and kinda scary. A bit boring too, but this is finally a matter of taste. All of a sudden but a model in diving equipment for closer viewing, but not even is, but gas mask plus Insektenverbichtungs canister is in a room of the yacht. My aggression level fails again and I wonder: is everything pretty well and here to understand, but for now only to have to on Devil come out bring a break and somehow access from the role to fall again to strange prop? The film is so contrary and great enough. Too much, just too much. I certainly can’t stand today’s in the head. Since I’m aware my often to critical attitude, I like to know but likes what do you think of the latest prank from the forge of Lucrecia’s Martes: attached or too much?

Video via highsnobette.