The Chaotic ‘Calendar’ of Looks of Chiara Ferragni in Full Fashion Week

Should be live in the body of the? best blogger of the moment, be one of the people most influential in fashion and attending all the Fashion Week? The burden of responsibility is high and I guess a the more methodical calendar and orderly where the look that will be carried each day is exposed at each moment. A strategy game that game of Thrones it would leave something for preschoolers. But nothing is further from reality, Chiara Ferragni yesterday shared an image that left us ice cream.

After seeing the chaos theory is formulated in the inside of your Cabinet, today we see how this is still present in their day to day. And is that in the ecuador of the fashion weeks, the new face of Pantene hanging a picture in Snapchat leaving us with the contorted jaw: your organization looks for the fashion weeks. And this does not come from the hand of a beautiful Smythson agenda or a schema type family tree as a conquest Napoleon… for what?

With three badly torn pages of one book either, the most famous salad from the face of the Earth is organized to create and discreate looks where the great designers are the protagonists. DELPOZO, Prada, Dior, Valentino… All in the same space where not there, there is no or Tipex to delete. Day and night, all its outputs are more than studied. Now, I don’t even think what would happen if a day is lost you one of those leaves… total chaos!