The Cowboys Are Vintage Not Passe, Are The Most

In the World of fashion all returns, and to rescue those garments that we used long ago we should have a large wardrobe that our floor whole or have a problem (for that keep it all). But the truth is that it gives much rage wish a garment that susaste years ago and a couple thrown in the recycling bin. But that’s life and now the vintage jeans, the Levi’s 501 of life, are the most.

And so we see him on the street, inspiration blogs and magazines of all kinds. That worn out effect which does not with new jeans, that is neither wide nor cutting tight, that… All. Straight lines and medium-high shooting, this model again cause furor in the street.

And while at first glance may seem passé model, the truth is that they are the most. Do you have them stored at the bottom of the attic? Rescue them and get them the most party, back to our beginnings when we were young.

Do you fancy them?