The Tenenbaums If That Were a Few Geniuses, and Their Aesthetics Is Now Fashionable

Already said it a few months ago: fashion resorted to the 2001 film, The Royal Tenenbaums (the Tenenbaums), for inspiration in their catwalk collections. From Gucci a Bally passing by Lacoste. But far from being as an unimportant detail, the street has begun to adapt this strange trend with their extravagant looks. And when we talk about street, we refer to the bloggers from the (obvious) time…

Gucci with Margot Tenenbaum

One of the proposals of Alessandro Michele who surprised all his fans (and non-fans) was which was inspired by Margot Tenenbaum – aka Gwyneth Palrow – for the first collection autumn-winter 2015 / 2016 at Gucci, where hair wrap was the hallmark.

Bally emulates Richie Tenenbaum

Richie Tenenbaum had its own version and did so accompanied by two firms: Lacoste and Bally. The headband was key and the sporty in a dandy outfit brings to mind this curious character.

Lacoste and his family to the full

As already mentioned, the collection autumn-winter 2015 / 2016 Lacoste was much more inspired by Richie. Mark adopted all the characters in each of your looks.

The street with Chas Tenenbaum

But if there is a character who begins to succeed both gateway and the street it is Chas. With its Originals adidas Tracksuits in red, now looks like all the girls of the moment it copied its aesthetics.

And how it could be otherwise, Chiara Ferragni is exceeded when carrying this trend and does so with many garments sporting the signature but combined with others that do not marry carpitenro tail. Adidas trousers with Nirvana shirt? Well, you can have a pass, but are topped with the slingback from Chanel? Are we crazy or what?

It seems that this family is more fashionable than ever…