Twinning, New Fashion That WINS in The USA

Do you remember when your mother made you dress like your little sister all the time…? Possibly he did something practical, or perhaps he liked the view to your two shoots with the same set. Now you are not going to retract nor take anything face to our holy mother (you’re not alone in this world, we are many that went through that), but in United States they hope to revive the fashion. The only difference is that assemblies do not occur in 3 to 8 year-olds (for example), the looks come in adult form.

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And so, suddenly, we are faced with a new trend that increasingly takes more importance. If some time ago, we used to show how bloggers agreed in clothing, now already do it blatantly and pose for the occasion with a look modeled. The twinning fashion increasingly takes more strength and there are many which point to show its own result.

A trend easy to copy

Appear in the BBQ for your friend and match dress already is not something that embarrassed. And although the compraciones are odious (and inavitables), if one does it with security may seem even funny. Do you see, wanting to draw attention, be a cool place… We don’t know what drive these girls to choose the same styling, but what is certain is that this movement has just only started.

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Shea and Caroline are propelling the trend?

But in this life, everything has a beginning. What was before the chicken or the egg? We will not begin to break our head with these kinds of issues, but we could say that one of the driving forces behind this trend takes shape are Shea Marie along with her BFF Caroline Vreeland. Each fashion week take advantage to take to the streets in the same manner, thus ensure that photographers of street style the capture of all possible ways.

With contiguous entries in the back with leather jackets, dresses exact but of a different color, the same looks in different prints… They always want to make a difference and at the end they end up succeeding.

Do you want to put it enpractica?

If you liked about jackets with an adjoining back creating a message (suitable only for best real friends), Bershka has the solution. and it is the Spanish firm take on the fly this new fashion and the presents in the form of cotton t-shirt. As if it were the Ying and Yang, he shows us two cotton shirts – one white and one black — that if backs together, best friends can be read.