(Unpublished?) Trends Season in The Street

Do we may surprise the? World of fashion or by otherwise qle everything is seen? The truth is that this is difficult, because over the years we’ve been seeing new fabrics, forms and combinations that have done that in this peculiar world everything is almost invented. But nothing happens, there is always something or someone that you just to capture attention. And here are examples of this.

How? In the form of new trends, they are not, but like that and it is good (or not) return them to parade through the streets. Do you feel you to wear them? The time and the desire to say it.

  • Think of bottle Green. There is nothing better than a total look at base of bottle green. To make the outfit not heavy nor boring, one of the best to choose to mix different tissues. The result? Impeccable. Think green and you will come out winning.
  • Jerséis XXL with infinite side cuts. Increasingly that dare to wear long shirts until the foot with lateral cuts ranging up to the infinite and beyond. Original keep warm in autumn and a stylish way.
  • Bell-shaped sleeves. We announced it a few weeks ago, acamapanadas sleeves are being it more this season autumn-winter 2015 / 2016. And where are tulip-shaped are the next level for the most expert. What you are you?
  • The XXL shirt cuffs. Let the twins shirt cuffs and wear them into the air. Perhaps at the beginning is a bit annoying everything, but the truth is that the street dictates that this is fashion.

You stay with any of these proposals?