Vichy Plaid Dress In Baby Blue, Parfois Bag And Okeysi Sweater

Good Morning! I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown! I do not have to go to the clinic in Bavaria to get my eye on it, but before I wanted to leave the blog updated with this post 🙂 Taking advantage of these days is not a good time, but also an excessive heat, on Sunday we took advantage to go To take a walk on the beach … but on the way we find this beautiful course and photograph the look that I show you 🙂 

The informal looks are my favorites, because they allow me to play a little with combinations that we can not carry daily. It is the case of this dress, has a country roll that I love! And it is comfortable to rage!!!

It is a unique size, and goes perfectly from 36 to 40 without problems!! Looking forward to the summer I will wear it with wedges to style more legs! Because the truth is that the dress is long, so the tall girls are in luck, because it’s going to look great!

This is one of those fashion dresses or sweater that you see, you are struck by the print (you know you gave me the Vichy to death!), But seen in the store do not tell you anything… But put… Ay post !! I already imagined it with sandals, wedges, converse, dancers… With jersey, with a kimono… I tell you, there was no turning back 😛 Ah! And it was in other colors, but it is that this season has given me by the colors baby !! Hahaha…

It’s from the Minona Clares store , that you know I’m very fan! First of all for the quality of the clothes, and secondly for the prices !! This dress only cost € 19.90 !And I said… well, look, for less than €20 I have the look of the finde solved: -PY is coming with me to Mexico head! 😉

I put it with these Converse shoes, because as I told you at the beginning, the plan of the day was to take a walk 🙂 If I remember correctly, I bought them in Primark a couple of seasons ago and cost as 4 or 5 euros! I have found them equal in this link here.

The jersey is from Okeysi from 4 years ago at least! The truth is that I wear it a lot the days that I do not settle, because being short, allows me to be comfortable and go well with a few jeans underneath 🙂 It cost me at the time (I bought it on sale) about 10 €!

The bag is from Parfois, I bought it in the winter sales and I think it cost me about 12 €! Taken! It has a pastel blue color that allows me to use it all year round 🙂 And the pompom brought to me by my mother from Portugal 🙂

What do you think this look? Do you like vichy clothes?

A suuuper kiss!! I read to you in a few days, when it is recovered !! (I.e.