10 More Simple Ways to Detonate Your Visual

After the buzz around this post here, some readers (and even readers) decided to contribute and send the most common errors that can detonate your visual. Are simple tips that only require common sense and attention to that do not become part of your look. Let’s the new list then:

10 More Simple Ways to Detonate Your Visual

1 – the Collar outside the lapel of the suit jacket

And take again this picture of Johnny Depp is a mistake in the look!

It seems unnecessary to say, but the collar of the shirt was made to get inside of the suit jacket or blazer, not on the outside, overlapping the lapel. At some point in the 70s someone thought this was cool, so much so that you never spent so much cloth with the lapel, at the same time, they were immense, but it is a feature of style that is dated and nothing elegant, I must say, but it is amazing to know that a lot of people use the shirt this way, risking the whole style of the costume social.

How to fix: no need to do any post-graduate course abroad, just keep the collar aligned on the inside of the jacket when dressing up.


2 – Collar rumpled blazer

Another detail beast, but that takes the distracted: the collar embolado and rumpled when it is of a blazer. This problem always happens when we do not use the tie and we loosened a few buttons of the shirt, because not always it has enough structure to keep everything in place.

How to correct: just to check it out once in a while to know if everything is in order and a slight pull on the collar to the top to hit him. In the worst case close a button shirt that will keep it right to the body.


3 – Dirty Fingernails

This carelessness is also common to happen, just watch a video review of the phone on Youtube to find a man with a fingernail dirty, but what to many may seem a detalhezinho innocent, for others it is a demonstration of lack of free tremendous, especially for women, they are dirty fingernails even when covered by gloves of a mason.

How to fix: keep it short, keep it clean, that’s it!


4 – Too much product in the hair

I would say that the “gel descontrol” is one of the causes of the decay of modern society! The visual hair moist/sebento is kill, but a lot of people don’t do this on purpose, simply weighs in hand in time to get the product to style the hair, and ends up putting everything to lose, in fact this is not exclusive to those who use gel, the excess of pomade, or wax also ruins the look, even when they have no effect dry.

How to fix: if you do not know the amount of product needed, go picking up gradually until you find that is ok – and by “ok” understands modeled without opinion that the head went into a bucket of grease. If it is not working consider changing the product by a clamp stronger.


5 – Cap at the wrong time

What is the right time to use a cap? I would say no, but also admit that I am boring with this kind of accessory! If you like a beautiful “bombeta” covering his scalp understand that does not always seem to use it without hurting some dress codes, especially in environment of work, restaurants, parties, a bit more sophisticated, etc.

How to fix: leave the accessory for moments as well as informal, and if you inadvertently go to some place that seems inappropriate for this type of piece, take it out for a few moments, will not hurt.


6 – Use more than one accessory on the neck

A paste cool? Beauty! A scarf to protect from the cold? Wonderful! The male accessories are not restricted only to the head and wrists, knowing to use gives you to create stunning looks with these items that I mentioned, but give preference to only one at a time, a lot of stuff hanging on the neck does not work for anyone, nor for Mr. T (photo) in the 80’s.

How to correct: just choose the item that you think has no relation with the outfit you’re using, and distribute the other accessories (watch, bracelet, hat, scarf) in other parts of the body, but without overdoing it.


7 – Leave the underwear appear

Has the guy who thinks it’s the malaco “topzera” and leaves an inch of underwear out of the pants, or wears the jeans in the middle of the hip, but if you arrived here probably is not one of these, however we have some slippage on the length of the t-shirt, and the height of the pants, leaving the underwear appear, that of a broken in style, who cares about the perfection of the look.

How to fix: pay attention to the height of the pants, in the length of the t-shirt and even in the width of the elastic of his boxer shorts, some are exposed on account of this detail. When you are wearing do the test sit down to know if the clothing is covering the back and lift the arms to find out if the shirt is not too short.


8 – Watch very big

Watches with boxes above 44 mm are not very well in my wrist, unfortunately. Unlike some men who have had the wrist like a column of roman, that part of my body does not support accessories too large, but there are a few subjects that don’t matter in opinion that are with a hood of the vw beetle attached to the arm and I’ve seen guys that were more like a stick shoved in a G-Shock a lot. It takes the body to use a clock stocky, be it sporty or classic.

How to fix: if it is left box of the watch on your wrist give up, the handles of the band can not pass the limits of his arm. Swap for a smaller model and decorate the size that looks good on you to not buy the wrong, is a very high investment that does not admit failures.


9 – Shoes dirty

Another annoyance that might go unnoticed if you’re in a hurry: shoes dirty! It’s amazing how much the shoe may have an influence on your visual, even though it’s a small piece and almost out of the field of view. When the footwear is dirty it gives an air of slouch to the clothes that end up compromising everything. In the case of the casual clothes the loss is much smaller, there are even some shoes that simulate wear and dirt in a way that was cool, but the suit does not give, the shoe has to be flawless.

How to fix: learn how to clean and Polish your shoes or take them to a good shoe shine, meanwhile choose another pair to wear during the day.


10 – Socks too short

Saddest thing when someone crosses their legs and the canelonas are appearing between the pants and the social, and the half, isn’t it? It seems that the whole outfit is out of proportion!

How to fix: make sure the sock is long enough, particularly with formal wear, where this type of carelessness is even more embarrassing.


I’m not going to say that here ends the epic subject “simple ways to detonate your visual”, because I bet that many readers will remember other tips that can compose a new post, but after more an article of this type I think I already gave notice that the man stylish have to stay aware of everything, you can’t guess which one small error (or not so small) will end up with an entire production!