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Antigua and Barbuda

Yearbook 2010

Antigua and Barbuda. In June, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) granted Antigua and Barbuda an emergency loan of close to USD 118 million over three years. The already strained financial situation in the country had become acute due to the global crisis. Fewer tourists and less money sent home from foreign-working citizens contributed to the worst recession in decades. The situation was aggravated by the collapse of the finances of the country's largest private investor, billionaire Allen Stanford, who was charged with fraud in the United States. Stanford, who had the closest cult status in Antigua and Barbuda, was told in April that he had been deprived of the nobility title he had previously been granted by the country.

Antigua and Barbuda  Population

According to COUNTRYAAH, Antigua and Barbuda has a population of 96,286 (2018). A drug seizure made by the police in July was reported to be the largest so far in the country's history. Nearly a ton of cocaine was found aboard a vessel from Venezuela. The cocaine was estimated to be worth about US $ 47 million on the street.

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