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Yearbook 2010

Cameroon. Since Cameroon took over the Bakassi Peninsula from Nigeria with UN support in 2008, the area has been problematic. During the year, pirates conducted several raids against vessels and kidnapped crew members with demands for ransom. A previously unknown group called themselves Africa Marine Commando (AMC) in March robbed seven Chinese sailors. They were released five days later by the army, after unclear information that money had been handed over to the kidnappers. In September, four Ukrainians, a Filipino and a Croat were held hostage for almost three weeks, and in November six people were killed when the AMC attacked an oil platform.

Cameroon Population

According to COUNTRYAAH, Cameroon has a population of 25.22 million (2018). The AMC was described as an offshoot of the Bakassi Freedom Fighters, who have given up the fight for peninsula independence. The kidnappings were said to have become a new source of income for criminal groups who had previously depended on arms smuggling, while Cameroon and Nigeria still both claimed the right to the peninsula.

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