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Yearbook 2010

According to COUNTRYAAH, Ghana has a population of 29.77 million (2018). Ghana was designated by the British think tank Overseas Development Institute (ODI) as the African country that will first achieve the UN's so-called Millennium Development Goals by halving poverty and famine. According to the report, Ghana through economic reforms has managed to increase food production by 80 per cent per capita over the past 30 years and reduced the number of malnourished by 75 per cent between 1990 and 2004. In relative terms, Ghana is the most successful African country in this regard according to ODI.

Ghana Population

Ghana's authorities hope that new oil discoveries will strengthen the country's economy. During the year, the government borrowed from China a total of about US $ 13 billion for infrastructure expansion. Most of the money will be used to build roads, railways, schools and hospitals, while about a quarter of the total will go to facilities for the oil and gas industry.

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