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Marshall Islands

Yearbook 2010

Marshall Islands. In April, the United States Supreme Court rejected a request for more damages from victims of U.S. probation in the Marshall Islands. The Supreme Court upheld a previous ruling by a federal appeals court, which ruled that residents of the atolls had already received enough compensation under a 1986 agreement between the United States and the Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands Population

According to COUNTRYAAH, Marshall Islands has a population of 58,413 (2018). The United States conducted 67 nuclear test blasts in the Marshall Islands during the period 1946–58. According to several studies, the explosions have led to an abnormal number of people having cancer at the atolls. It has also been found that the United States deliberately subjected residents to radioactivity to see if they would be harmed. In 1988, the Marshall Islands established a special tribunal, the Nuclear Claims Tribunal (NCT), to collect and assess the damages claims of the victims. The tribunal has long paid out the roughly US $ 150 million that the US had set aside for the victims of the trial blasts. The Marshall Islands government has asked for additional compensation from the United States and has also backed individual citizens' claims against the United States.

In May, US National Cancer Institute urged President Barack Obama to increase support for the victims of the Marshall Islands during the Cold War. In its annual report, "The President's Cancer Panel" concluded that the United States government should pay the damages required by the Marshall Islands Tribunal and ensure that those affected receive access to better health care. According to the report writers, the Marshall Islands are unable to take care of the continuing health problems caused by the test blasts. The island nation, for example, lacks its own tumor and cancer specialist. The closest is in Micronesia on the island of Guam.

In November, the UN promised to investigate and report in 2011 on the effects of the US test blasts on the Marshall Islands.

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