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Yearbook 2010

Paraguay. In the municipal elections held November 7, the old power party Colorado Party, which for the first time in 61 years was an opposition party, succeeded very well. Of the country's 238 municipalities, the party won in 139, and in addition, they won in 14 of the 17 provincial capitals. According to COUNTRYAAH, Paraguay has a population of 6.956 million (2018). The success was attributed to the wealthy businessman Horacio Cartes, who reportedly made financial contributions that covered up to half of the party's campaign spending.

Paraguay Population

An armed left group, EjÚrcito del Pueblo Paraguayo (EPP), has stepped up its activities, and in April and May the state of emergency was declared in the country's five northernmost provinces to intensify the hunt for the group's leaders. However, the offensive only led to the seizure of four tons of marijuana and 100 people arrested, but none of them were actually being searched. President Fernando Lugo received congressional support to maintain a strong military presence in northern Paraguay.

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