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Saudi Arabia

Yearbook 2010

Saudi Arabia. According to COUNTRYAAH, Saudi Arabia has a population of 33.7 million (2018). The royal house's fight against jihadist groups continued. In March, 113 people were arrested on suspicion of planning attacks against various authorities. Most of them were Saudis and Yemenites and were arrested in the province of Jizan at the border with Yemen. Twelve of them reportedly had direct contact with the militant Islamist network al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia cooperated more and more with Western authorities in the fight against jihadists. When, in connection with the questioning of a jihadist who surrendered to the police in October, they received information that two explosive charges were on their way from Yemen to the United States, both US and British intelligence services were notified, which could disarm the explosive charges.

A border dispute between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates opened up in March. A Saudi warship and a United Arab Emirates Coast Guard fired each other on the Khor al-Udaid fairway. Two Saudi flotists were arrested for later release. Saudi Arabia, with reference to a 1974 agreement, considered itself entitled to the fairway and the surrounding area, including the Shaybah oil field. The United Arab Emirates questioned the agreement.

Several of the members of the royal house were ill during the year. King Abdullah, 86, was operated in November and December for herniated disc in New York and Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, also over 80, was then allowed to return from Morocco where he was on convalescence, reportedly due to cancer. In order to prevent unrest in the oil market, the king set up a new body, the Council of Faith, in which a group of princes would in future appoint the successor to the throne. So far, the king had simply appointed his successor. The new system would come into force after King Abdullah's death, when the current Crown Prince succeeded him.

In the spring, the authorities began demanding that prospective married couples fill out a marriage contract where the bride's age appeared. The purpose was to prevent child marriage, a practice which, however, was not prohibited by law.

Saudi Arabia Population

Saudi Arabia - Riyadh


Riyadh, ar-Riyāḍ, capital of Saudi Arabia; 4. 9 million residents (2010). Riyadh, located in Najd, is the country's leading commercial and educational city and its administrative center. The city has two universities as well as industries and an international airport.

Riyadh, a traditional pilgrimage center, became the capital of the Saudi dynasty in 1824. It came under the rule of the rival house of Rashid in 1891, but was reinstated by Ibn Saud in 1902 and succeeded Jeddah in 1932 as the official capital of the monarchy. Since the mid-1900s, Riyadh has expanded and modernized greatly.


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