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Yearbook 2010

Tanzania. Before the general election this autumn, the rival parties on the Zanzibar archipelago signed a power-sharing agreement. In a referendum, a local constitutional amendment was approved which stipulates that the two largest parties should appoint each vice president and that the ministerial posts should be distributed proportionally between them. According to COUNTRYAAH, Tanzania has a population of 56.32 million (2018). The contradictions on the islands between the ruling Revolutionary Party (CCM) and the locally strong Citizens United Front (CUF) have in the past several times led to violence in connection with the elections.

Tanzania Population

Then, in October, Tanzania was able to make its first elections without worry. However, voter turnout was alarmingly low, at only 42 percent, and opposition came from opposition to alleged cheating. President Jakaya Kikwete was re-elected as expected for a second five-year term, but his share of votes dropped from just over 80 percent in 2005 to 62.8 percent. The foremost opponent, Wilbrod Slaa of the Chadema Party, received 27.1 percent, much more than any other candidate got in the last election.

CCM retained its dominant position in the parliamentary elections, but backed from 206 to 183 seats. Chadema received 22 seats and CUF 21. These figures also indicated a tendency for a stronger opposition.

CCM candidate Ali Mohamed Shein was elected new president of Zanzibar. When the national parliament gathered in Dodoma in November, a woman was elected for the first time to CCM's Anne Makinda, the president.

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