A Matter Of Taste: Rainbow Magic At Christopher Kane

Between fairy tale stories, light refraction, a symbol of homosexuality or a whole Hippie movement: some associations adhere to the colours of the Rainbow. In principle, however, we can say: he always gives pleasure a bunch, stands for tolerance and brings us always and always a smile on the face. But we find so glamorous clothes with Rainbow colors and whaow, or obligt this round quirkiness of the natural phenomenon?

Christopher Kane was fascinating in its past collections with the hugely popular Galaxy prints of the resort 2011 also at London fashion week with colorful liquids – liked right off the bat. His latest collection, however, confounds us and I don’t know whether I love blurring color bomb like hopping around with a dress as complete. Because it comes after Kane we carry more color than this year next spring – an entire outfit in a cracker look.

What do you think: Rainbow olé or please leave? Granted, I’m not very man, yet I’m torn. Kinda fascinated by the rainbow effect, but at the same time I can not imagine it on my own body. All in all looks resort collection for 2012 so pretty the Christopher Kane, but the sixties could be for me silhouette in combination with the Rainbow magic in everyday life quite difficult. A colorful shirt with jeans, ok. But from head to toe? What do you think?

You can see the entire collection, which ausfwartet with metal elements and pieces, by the way, here.