Anna Sui Dress: Katherine Heigl or Paris Hilton?

This compare styles is a delight, I say that you for tastes the colors, but each who always has his preferred, either for the accessories that accompany a model or simply by the porte to look it.

On this occasion the dress in question, design of Anna Sui, was that Paris hilton used for the MTV Movie Awards and that reminded me of Cindy Lauper or Alaska during the 80’s. Only that instead of putting you to the pleated dress in black encanje a glove and boots, added some black shoes tipped and a romantic semirecogido side.

For its part, the Grey’s Anatomy actress, Katherine Heigl took him at a Hollywood party, that of General Motors, with her blonde hair dried the air and a pair of sandals that left a bare finger and with a detail in White Center. For me it was the best success, since Paris seemed taken from a quinceañera cake. An image that contrasts with his going to jail moments after the event. Is it perhaps that that image of false innocence was studied?