Aur Binds Bidermann

Since the concept store Colette is left take the charms of Aur lie Bidermann, this last year has been consistently s produce fashion sph re and star system. I must say that between naturalistic gris-gris and pi these boh my chic, the creative cr offers still more unusual collections, content high in d sirabilit…

both simpler than those of Victoire de Castellane, and less dark than the creations of Pamela Love jewelry Aur lie Bidermann oscillate between addictive trinkets falsely first degree and pi these exceptional color are in gold.

And if his name remains still for many synonymous with lucky charm bracelets (gr this that she did succumb – its goals – all of the gotha of the hype girls d), Aur binds Bidermann d cline today a wide variety of th, thus consolidating its popularity serving of the mode dactrices r rating.

Teenager, Aur do r could yet not binding to a career in the universe of the jewel: it plans then rather to work in the environment in which she bathed since childhood: art, garage sales and flea markets. Therefore quite naturally that she will follow studies in this area, before d get a job at Sotheby’s New York, then Paris.

However, desire to create something concrete is more pressing. The one who customizes her jewelry when she was in ge to wear decided then to change by integrating a cole Gemological Antwerp, o teaches the science of valuable stones. She embodied only then with technical drawing classes, allowing them to mast financing at best jewelry that she imagines already.

Follows a long trip on all continents, allowing the future cr creative of inspiration as well as the stones necessary for the development of its pi these. After many months s pass through the world, it will be in India that she will finally find his style, a mix between superstitious gimmicks and aesthetic tick a little girly.

Feeling finally pr, Aur binds Bidermann decided in 2003 to launch his ponyme label. His first collection will be composed of bracelets and necklaces good luck finely peace & love, made the basis of charms and other talismans.

The idea of making valuable th me the charm does not take long convince your researchers at Colette, t which quickly give to the creations of the young French a place within the windows of the store concept. Thus s adoub by the oracles of the hype, the “charms” of Aur binds Bidermann – which, contrary to the creations of Delfina Delettrez, are affordable – becoming in 2004 the fashion jewellery.

And if, strong of its success, the cr creative allows subsequently develop innovative concepts and surprising, his thread remains the m me: jewellery must above all tell a story.

As it flows insects in gold (creating so an impressive pin tarantulas or scarab are), d turns the principle of the br silien bracelet with some bling-bling bracelets, con ILO of the headlines in lace fig are in gold or even Immortalizes a few feathers under a thin layer of this precious metal.

However, if its collections are always more innovative and diverse (winter 2010/2011, she didn’t: site not imagine Knight helmet-shaped rings), she remains in the eyes of the fashion sphere one that handed the lucky charms in the taste of the day. His collaborations with Bonpoint or Lacoste giving birth not beasts covered with gold or silver, but rather to jewelry right fielder the easy charm wear.

That said, if jade or its goals d Pearl charms continue to reduce s all-out, they emp seek not his creations more sophisticated are to meet also a resounding success, as in t testify as well the launch of its e-store as the number of shops distributing it around the world.

As a little more about this globe-trotting always aff t of any fragment of old fabric, postcard or trinket h t roclite she can drag in his book of inspiration, it is noted that:

  • She don’t cr e never better than New York, when she is away from the pressure of his Parisian workshop.
  • She’s trying to cultivate a law-abiding lifestyle of nature: it consumes fruits and vegetables of season l, sorts its waste d, product indeed jewellery locally – Paris – and no h site not provide the Feed bag of Lauren Bush each of her friends, in order to radiquer plastic bag all of his entourage.
  • Finally, she also has a very good health lifestyle, allowing him to keep costs and slim line. She drinks so each morning a series of pink salt water, money – for the tox d – Apple drink vinegar dilu throughout a weekend and practice the bar to the ground three times a week…