Daughter Driven by Modeling in the Anorexia

Jewgeni Kafelnikow (42) was one of the most successful tennis player in the world in the late 90’s. Today the sport it no longer obsessed about, but daughter Alesya. The 17-year-old developed a serious eating disorder due to her career as a model, so the former athletes.

A father in custody: Ex – tennis player Jewgeni Kafelnikow fears that his daughter is anorexic, since she works as a model. The attention on Instagram and co. would only exacerbate their condition. But on her famous father Alesya Kafelnikow don’t want to hear.

Extreme weight loss
“This is real anorexia. Alesya has 14 year old follower on Instagram, which have no brains and help them continue to take off. She should not listen to these idiots”, the former number should have scolded one of world ranking list on the Web, as including “daily mail” on appeal by “KP Russia” reported.

Last year the already slim girl took off once extremely – everything for the career. “Last year she weighed 52 kilos, I was satisfied. She was so pretty and finally began to look like a woman. And what happens now? I am strictly against such a radical weight loss. Unfortunately she don’t listen but to me”, so Yevgeny next.

Only skin and bone
In fact, Alesya Kafelnikow is alarmingly thin. On Instagram, the teenager regularly shares impressions from his life as a model and shows especially their drought appearance. Allegedly, she weighs not even 45 kilograms.

First Fame daughter by Jewgeni Kafelnikow at the age of 16 years, when she shared a very salacious underwear video of the net. The clip ultimately earned her a contract with modeling agency elite in London a. Now lives the celebrity offspring alone in Paris.

The former first Jewgeni Kafelnikow won two Grand Slam titles (French Open 1996, Australia open 1999) as well as the Olympic Games 2000.