Drykorn’S Surprise For Best Friend & Our Colorful Surprise For You!

… Or: my surprise with the DRYKORN Chino for the dear Nike, because the label wanted the heart people do something good and wrote a few colleagues to give away a Chino. Said than done: my choice fell on the bright red model. Why?

Because this, my opinion after, but best to the Brown curly head and Nikes fit pretty complexion and was certainly somehow the most everyday model compared to the bright orange, purple or bright blue Chino. And if it should be so a love gift from DRYKORN and me for your best friend, then please also one that she also likes, isn’t it?

DRYKORN convinced us in April on the press days when we really were in love in the upcoming autumn collection and the more I was pleased about the request. When can you make your best friend as a gift and again really say thank you? Flat, rarely except with painted images. Favorite thanks to DRYKORN!

And I tell you: thank God Nike-Jane likes her latest pants. Because even if she has still never really red worn and have never for a red pair of pants has decided the Chino suits her perfectly, or not? Maybe that was also the best way to coordinate on the summer-now completely. Will also slow time, dearest Nike!

Merci on DRYKORN, merci Anna!

We also want that your best friend gets a colourful DRYKORN surprise you!

How to do this?

Here, you should be just Jane Wayne Fan on Facebook and tell us why or what your best friend should win a colorful surprise by DRYKORN!


Just below this post and keep your fingers crossed. Schenk reasons’ s always – we are looking forward to yours! Remember size (XS, S, M, L, XL)!