Economic Stagnation in Uniqlo

UNIQLO, owned by the business group Fast Retailing not satisfied with the latest results of its signature star, the Japanese urban fashion. Mainly, because their benefit has fallen by 12 percent per year.

The reason? A forecast its sales rising, and that the total so far is a volume of 7.848 million euros; the price of cotton, that it has suffered over way by climatic conditions throughout the world; and, thirdly, the excess of stock that have been out for sale to the accumulation of products.

As soon as you get really autumn, it is more than likely to get sales up, but what Yes can suffer is the planned international expansion. Barcelona, City that would welcome your first store in Spain it is still opening date.

Meanwhile, the expansion in Japan continues forward, with new flahship stores in Ginza and Shinjuku for 2012; the inauguration on November 11, a new boutique in Seoul; and the imminent opening of a new boutique in New York This Friday, October 14 (34th Street).