Fashion Week: Michael Sontag Spring/Summer 2012 – Kill Bill Vs. Star Wars

Short I’m closing the eyes full and the music begins to play. Soft tones, a little harp, a little confusion, a bit like the opening melody to travel through the Disney World of the past. The catwalk shows me a white like in the tube. Then the cut. The light is to the desert sun, Disney to saloon sound. My head is somewhere in the Plains, in the Wild West with John Wayne.

Flowing fabrics, draped and clear like water waves. Chiffon and silk swing to the bet, reflect the artificial light of the walkway as they would want to dance with him. Sand tones, off white and beige are gently broken. Here a zuruckhaltenes yellow, where pink, then earthes black and small accents of wafer-thin leather. Looking for patterns in Michael Sontag collection in vain, because the surface is essence of all of what the eye of the aesthetics are looking for. Again and again, the viewer in association rivers will be forfeited. Suddenly, Uma Thurman running in the desert, the kill Bill – setting up and down – a UMA, as she would look like, would they not straight out of her own grave have fled. Extra long pants bring strength and masculinity in the zebrechlichen designs, there a belly button flashes out as it only Cowgirls have. Oversized capes form their own silhouette, then an outfit from white, somehow static, unstable kind, all-in-one. Star Wars images in my head flare up, Yes, a Jedi could look at his wedding.

Michael Sontag collection for next spring,

proves that it behaves similar to the mode with music. It comes not only to what you hear or see, but above all, what you feel. Pushing all emotions aside, one could claim smooth seen is boring and kinda not new. No, the wheel is not reinvented, but fitted it with visions.

Always you stay, but you change every day. Let’s make things, cradle you in the wind, but stay firm. Be gentle and strong, be bright and dark. But above all: Be pure.