FiFi 2006: There Are Already Winners in UK, Spain and Germany

Almost a month ago he announced the finalists of the 2006 FIFI. I remind you that the FIFI they are the awards granted the FF (Fragrance Foundation) to both female and male fragrance each year.

Well, we already have winners in United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.

In Spain, the winners have been Calvin Klein Euphoria for the best women’s fragrance and Christian Dior Homme for men (as in Germany). In Germany, the winning women’s fragrance has been Hermes a Jardin Sur Le Nil.

In the United Kingdom, as well as in Spain and Germany, the male winner has been Christian Dior Homme and the female DKNY Be Delicious, as no, I love.

The expected American results will arrive April 3, we will be tuned to see is “smelling” there.