Givenchy Prefall 2012 – Leggings, Star & Masculine 50’s!

If you look at Ricardo Tiscis Prefall collection for Givenchy, white man not quite right off the bat where to look first. On the leggings? On this pony details due to their presence to back remains initially shocked, until you finally realize that all the pencil skirts they appear suddenly in a slightly hotter light? And the whole thing comes along then just another medium stupid? Or is it the cut outs in star shape, resembling designs acnes, where our eyes stick? We like them or not? And then there is the masculine, defined, and at the same time brilliant jacket solutions that has brought from his time as a menswear designer Tisci.

Tisci itself says according to, he would be at the 50s silhouette of pin up girls Bettie Page is oriented – us what seems to be a very useful development of his current autumn/winter collection – finally Bettie acted alongside Roxy musics Panther and all sorts of peacock feathers there merely as a sweater print. The most important accessory in addition to leather boots: long leather gloves, ranging over the elbow – if there are no sharply cut jacket with optically separated sleeves in the outfit. Those like us in their constructed look particularly well by the way.

So exactly we can not arrange Givenchy creations – fortunately. Because khaki tones in the nomadic look, dog prints of the gangster girls, pleated skirts or the pencil shape of the 50s, just shapes or flowing fabrics on camel hair, the space age of the early 60s – all kinda like us somehow. Well, that was apparently not quite decide Ricardo, but still manages to bring everything to a common denominator:

My Favorites:

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