H & M Will Open Their Store Online in The United States in August (In Spain There Is Still)

It seems that you on the date, it seems that H & M will already be decided by Open its online shop In United States After so many rumors and delayed deadlines. Own official account of H & M confirmed on his Twitter that the US store will be Open in August. Will they be expected?

@theglamnetwork Online shopping will be available in August, stay tuned for further details @hmusa!

— H & M (@hm) July 17, 2013

The answer given by the Swedish chain to the Glam website makes that a next step we trust more than expected.

If someone comes up and expected an opening of H & M online in Spain the company on his Twitter confirms that they have no plans to expand through new markets. From H & M Spain They confirm that there nothing new in this regard.

We @annabel_laso haven ‘ announced any new online markets at this time, but as soon as we do we ‘ ll pass on the details.

— H & M (@hm) July 18, 2013

By the time H & M only has open his shop to some European markets, for example the British, against other competing companies such as Inditex or handle carrying enough time succeeding in online sales. Surprisingly, the second great enterprise of textile low cost worldwide to follow without this already natural step in all major brand.

Open in United States in safe August that demand exceeds any expectation. We hope that this will generate a contagion effect and have the shop H & M in Spain in coming months.


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