Hallmark Returns to Thrill Us with an Announcement of San Valentin Celebrating All Types of Love

The world is changing and with it, the traditions. Even Valentine, which already makes time that is not limited to the classic boy wants girl and vice versa. If last year we saw adidas celebrating the day with an image that suggested a kiss between two women, this year is Hallmark who has launched a spot that celebrate all types of love, including, for the third consecutive year, a LGBT couple.

The best advertisement is that images of a compromise between two men are real. In 2013, a flash mob starring Spencer Stout and Dustin Reeser became viral. In it, he saw Spencer calling for marriage to Dustin (and it) accepting, clear. Those images have now been reused by Hallmark as a celebration of love.

Besides, in the notice we can also see older couples, young couples, a couple in which one Member has a disability… Because, whether we are or not fans of Valentine’s day, what is clear is that love does not understand rules, social classes, races, age or sexual tendency.