Kendall + Kylie, a Fashion Label That Firms like

A couple of days ago we did echo of the news that ran like wildfire: the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, returned to team up with the giant Topshop to create a Christmas collection for this 2015. The hermanisimas of the Kardashian are youth idols to their 20 and 18 respectively, and its own brand attracts many firms who want to see how their sales increase with your single image. Garments according to their (sometimes) difficult style, collections time capsule and a good job in social networks they are the consequences of these unions. But, what is its? This success formula overwhelming?

K + k, success

Many people ask, how is it possible? To understand the success of this family we should do a master in KUWTK, a market out of study and considering various theories, but some is the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, well made it very. He has channeled his daughters to success (not going to talk about all that they have done on the road) and small family have allied themselves with a powerful brand. Kendall + Kylie sell much, and though Kendall triumphs on the catwalks, Kylie does in social networks.

Together total more than 82 million followers on Instagram

Together total more than 82 million followers on the networks, which means a level of brutal expansion for signatures. Adding that at his age, we know that many young people scattered all over the world buy what their idols design. Only by his followers in Instagram firms are able to pay a lot. If they do so with the bloggers who do not reach 2 million, not how it to do with them?. The follower on social networks is paid dearly, and when one has several tens of millions, one already can live off of that. But what these sisters have done goes far beyond: a business plan where they themselves are the product. Their app on the phone with exclusive material of each are monthly lists of the most downloaded and follows them beyond where the press will.

Why not throw your own firm?

taking the data from the table and seeing what come to Bill the question is, why not create a signature and compete with other firms? The answer is easy: do not leave to account. It is too much work, and steadily, which should have these girls, and a pair of collaborations with the season already do well. They have a social life so busy that they could not keep up (or don’t want to), so pays les more to join your label Kendall + Kylie beside a signature low-cost. Total, they sold like, forget all the work and headache involved in preparing each season a collection and put just the image. A round job that allows them to enter astronomical figures. In this way, no wonder us to appear in Forbes lists.

Kendall + Kylie and their collaborations

  • Topshop. In summer Kendall + Kylie premiered their first collaboration at the hands of Topshop, months later returned to the load and do it with a Christmas collection. Product of its prior success? Despite the fact that his designs had nothing in particular, these sisters are able to sell the impossible and the British firm do not hesitate to have them on its side to continue to reap success.
  • PacSun. It is likely to PacSun signature you do not sound. Quiet, does not mean that already you’re not trendy, just is that in our country there. It is a North American firm that competes directly with Forever 21 and this summer he scored a good both to collaborate with the Jenner sisters. More of the same in a collection that was sold out in a short time. The reason? This family triumphs in USA.
  • Steve Madden. The signing of Steve Madden shoes is always on the lookout for new faces to create capsule Collections. And if once elected to the Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni… why not choose these hens of the golden eggs? From that a few years ago, and in the images we see an unrecognisable Kylie Jenner. Yes, the one on the right is herself before all these changes (and visits to the surgeon).
  • Forever New. It is the most recent collaboration (not counting the last union to Topshop) and this week the sisters have been touring for Australia introducing new items. Malls are thronging fans who wanted to see firsthand these idols and other retailers were forced to close temporarily for the chaos that existed in the place. The collection itself? More of the same: short fitted to the body, crop tops and long cut out dresses.

It seems that these chickens have many eggs gold offer. And the time will be thus showing what we.