Label Augustin Teboul Shows His Collection For 2012 & We Want To Take With You!

And even more news about the upcoming fashion week: Augustin Teboul – Parisian chic meets Berlin casualness. The German/French label to the Ladies Annelie Augustin and Odely Teboul presents his collection of already for the second time in the framework of the Berlin fashion week on 6 July titled dreams are my reality in a mystical/enigmatic performance in Berlin Mitte. Their quite surreal fashion show takes place in an offsite location instead and not like many of her colleagues in the tent on the street of the 17th June. We greatly appreciate a bit more variety and expect again a mystically enchanted appearance!

Implemented is the installation in cooperation with the French premium orange liqueur COINTREAU, why there will be a limited edition appropriately, we may like to take a closer look at with Deuces of you.

Dreams are my reality – the inspiration of their upcoming Spring collection pulled the two from their own dreams and wrote down over months they finally together a coherent picture to put them together. What now awaits us? Different dream worlds between erotic fantasies, inspiring travel and moments of happiness in addition to loss and grief perhaps a piece processed and wonderful in a collection turns: material mixes coarse knitted meets delicate transparent substances that keep coming back with rough leather in conjunction.

You describe as “Symbolization of the back and forth torn being between reality and psychedelic, absurd dream, in which unrelated connections are spun” her next creation. We are looking forward.

But now to our meet greet:

Discovered with us the romantic and slightly murky worlds of the label and the AUGUSTIN TEBOUL for COINTREAU handmade glamour Couture pieces: a few stockings without foot with refined Crochetings.

Is a small taste of in this teaser, which is the limited edition pieces in a surreal setting in scene. Who now, got fancy with us to admire pieces throughout the collection along with the limited AUGUSTIN TEBOUL for COINTREAU, which should now take.

Augustin Teboul for Cointreau from silk relations on Vimeo.

Basic requirement is of course, you to come from Berlin or at least on the 6.Juli without further complications in our capital is coming and are 18 years old. In addition, we would like to know why her Jane’s may come with us. Is very simple, not?

We are giving away 1 x 2 cards, so that you have to spend the day with us also not alone. The installation between 15:30 to 18:30 will take place – we are looking forward to you!