MBFWB: Wood S / S 2012 – with Lara Croft by the Jungle

We love it when a label is something new, something mysterious-looking and other like characterized by something. Yesterday, we were all the more tense on the offsite show of Nehmen dansichen Wood, we all unglamouros for this but damn easy and hip searched on in the Berlin wedding of district of. Location was the MICA MOCA with its vast courtyard and the surrounding Grunderzeit buildings and old factories, and the perfect place for a very legal and very pleasant mood.

In any case, guests who exceptionally cute have cleans up ever been a highlight. We were unfortunately a bit late, but I’m sure that the love Sue has again received the an odere other beautiful people in front of your lens. Wood we were special and cool beer and outdoor went then on the improvised catwalk lined with beer and spots, unobtrusive music also finally going on:

Under the motto “State of mind” sent his models through the Wood Wood cobbled: with fringes front face, heavy makeup with a proper charge insanely long and pink , braided plaits studded with small pompoms – inspiration of the label was South Africa and trips associated and experiences that we would quite like to experience given the styling. Our Association in the head: Lara Croft on the way through the jungle – and it’s by no means negative meant at this point. A tough Lady, functional and yet insanely cute dressed, conquered the unexplored world.

Creations work again once relatively unspectacular at first glance, on closer inspection however, you have to watch, to be not overzealous: after Wood Wood, we wear ladies back lots rose, even very much Apricot and camouflage next summer in any case and necessarily should bind us a colorful cord around the waist. It acts naturally and authentic – and.

The light pieces see insanely cozy out manage to work it but at the same time excitingly different. We love color gradients on jumpsuits since yesterday as well as the combination of long summer coat to short dress. A special focus was on the Brown sandals with apficotfarbenen socks both the ladies and the gentlemen was combined – sure insanely convenient but for this styling a bit too casual for my taste.

Casual, but with a special focus on soft materials, fine cotton and Angora Wood Wood send us in the summer. And Yes, as we do with!

For the men was of course something fancy, bittesehr!



MBFWB: Wood Wood S/S 2012

MBFWB: Wood Wood S/S 2012

Source: www.thisisjanewayne.com