News From The Favorite Sweden For Autumn 2011: Monki – Sweet Rebel

In summer, is it getting a bit mau with the Lookbook. The revered fashion Giants celebrate not only the large sale season, but to our suffering have their summer break. Our favorite Swede MONKI makes today but end with the laziness and presents us today our long-awaited and always cute illustrated styles for fall. Once again move the pieces, we been here presenting you with illustrated Lookbook, a bit in the background and the appearance of elaborate jumps into focus:

It comes to our youth, no missed great second, we may waste – chess pieces that recall tradition and skill, all kinds of books, the us then and when can even crush , but facts with along the way give us and the key that become aware of should be that it goes a way for everything.

Time we go through the door, once again, we are overwhelmed with all the trappings: sweet rebels, just. The styles of this time were sureal staged by photographer Henrik Halvarsson and Illustrator Ellen Berggren. And again the question poses itself: MONKI, why are you in Berlin?

Content: A castle in the air

Why? Because not only convince complete outfit, but also the presentation so often us speaks from the heart and we frequently and like to imagine in small air castles.

By Caro over knee socks, from loafers with skirts and dresses. Very nice girly. Ready?
A little making-of we want not denied but at this point. Et voila: A hodgepodge of cardboard hats, extra hair pieces and relaxed atmosphere.