October: Bruno Pieters Designed for Weekday

Weekday is best known for his successful collaborations, and as already allowed us an or other more affordable designer purchase: no matter whether the liaison with Stine Goya, the colorful embroidery by Eley Kishimoto, the funky summer feature clothes by bless or not to forget the inspirational pieces of three young designers of the Academy of fine arts, Antwerp.

Weekday never picks the big names, such as, for example, the big brother is his collaboration H & M, but opts for designers who are by their very personal and very inspiring note as well as a giant serving trend sense and talent show. And so it is not surprising also that is the year’s Kollabpartner of the Belgian of Bruno Pieters, who once was the Creative Director of Hugo and presented us his mini collection at weekday from October.

Pieters reports back from his 2-year breather from the Modejungle and the collaboration with weekday is a small precursor for his real comeback at the end of the year – then is Pieters is again his own line devoted to.

Certainly a successful gambit, is once again before the final return on his name to draw attention and still a very elegant and simple collection for weekday out of the hat to conjure up.

According to Vogue a collection from rich colors to blue and Brown, very much wool, delicate silk and solid cotton, which should soon be clothe us in narrow silhouettes and very timeless and unexcited therefore awaits us. But who can its collection better describe as the designer himself?

“I work instinctively. For this collection, I wanted a long, narrow silhouette in contrast with the soft and natural materials. I feel with the architecture closely linked, but also to the nature as an unpredictable force.”

As always, there are the beautiful designer collaborations at a far cheaper price and so start tops 40 euros, coats 200 euro. And the interesting thing this time: you spend automatically when buying a part at the Sebastian Indian social projects, an NGO that promotes social projects in India.

We certainly are looking forward to what will be waiting for us. The first pictures show Mystic dark pieces – once more impressions of the mini collection will be published to give we immediately know!

Via Vogue and lesmads.