Ramarim 2013 Collection: Models and Photos

Are you going out for a party or to hit the mall at the mall with your friends? For both of these things you need besides being with that beautiful, perfect and elegant look, a shoe that matches your outfit and give the grand finale for you to walk around drawing attention to wherever you go. If you want the perfect shoes for this, check out the new 2013 Ramarim Collection.

Ramarim 2013 Collection Models and Photos

Ramarim has been present in Brazilian life since the 60s, turning 50 years old and bringing to you the most beautiful and glamorous thing to go around more than walking, but parading. Every woman of style already knows: if you want a style shoe, comfortable, beautiful and perfect to close your look, surely the 2013 Ramarim Collection is the right choice! Take a look and get ready to take all the pairs to you.

Peep Toes Ramarim

Let’s start by talking about a perfect shoe to wear on a day to day basis to go to work and that can also be used to go anywhere like a ballad and dance the night away. But the Peep Toes is one of the sensations of the 2013 Ramarim Collection is perfect for you to go to work and get the attention of all eyes.

The Peep Toes is a high heel but with a lot of comfort and a lot of quality because they are made of leather or synthetic leather with great technology and beauty for you to walk with all style and knowing that you are wearing a high technology footwear and a name brand and the national market. The Pearls of the 2013 Ramarim Collection are wonderful because the heels are more versatile and the models more colorful and that surely one suits you.

Ankle Boots Ramarim

Since appearing on the market, the Ankle Boots have not left the feet of Brazilian women with good taste and style. With a distinctive design that is very similar to a boot, but with an opening at the front and can be worn even in summer, the Ankle Boots from the 2013 Ramarim Collection will win you over with its beauty and comfort.

There are many models and colors being that the Ankle Boots of the Collection Ramarim 2013 are much more concentrated in the leather and the pair in suede. The Ankle Boots can be used at any time and for cold days she is more indicated and is perfect to face that ballad.


A sandal with heels, this is how the rattles can be characterized, however they have grown and today you can have a huge range of rattles being sold around, but like those of the 2013 Ramarim Collection you only see in Ramarim.

Gorgeous with bright colors and great attention to rattles with strips, the comfort is total of the raiding shoes of the Collection Ramarim 2013. Perfect to use in hotter periods, it is great to use it in special moments of life as a party between friends , a weekend trip or a weekend outing. The Ramarim Collection’s Assandalhadas 2013 are ready to take you with you.

Ramarim Boots

Ah the boots of the 2013 Ramarim Collection! They are incredibly passionate! The boots of the Ramarim Collection 2013 are perfect for you to face the cold with all style, beauty and comfort for your feet. The boots of the 2013 Ramarim Collection have a very visible differential compared to previous collections: the front instead of a super fine beak, has a more rounded beak and avoids more problems with tiredness and pain in the feet.

Did you know that in addition to less pain, you also avoid ingrown nails? Well, with the new Ramarim 2013 Collection of boots, you take care of your health, without giving up the beauty in well being. There are 4 types of boots: from high to knee, medium pipe, without a barrel and with low heels as well as without heels or with low heels but high heels. All are great for you to walk around with elegance, style and comfort because only the 2013 Ramarim Collection of Ramarim brings you the best.

Ramarim High top trainers

The sneakers are great shoes to use casually and the favorite of romantic women and who cherish comfort. The 2013 Ramarim Collection sneakers are beautiful and even more comfortable. With bumps or not, it is the perfect solution for those who want to leave the house with a beautiful footwear but needs a lot of comfort and safety. The 2013 Ramarim Collection Sneakers offers this with different models for you to choose and love.

Scarpin Ramarim

Scarpin is the power woman’s shoe that needs to be well-dressed for work or a business meeting. The Scarpin of the 2013 Ramarim Collection comes with both a more rounded and open tip to the traditional thin-tipped scarpin and which is preferred by women of class and good taste. With high heel models and other low-heeled models, the Scarpin of the 2013 Ramarim Collection is wonderful, with shoes with a lot of brightness, color and life to make your life even more sophisticated and more beautiful on your feet.

The suede, the silver and the leather are the face of the 2013 Ramarim Collection of scarpins and if you want to enjoy these beauties, there are several models very special to conquer you and you take several home and leave each day with a new scarpin of the new Collection Ramarim 2013.

Ramarim Shoes

Ramarim has already entered the world of sneakers and comes with some super comfortable and beautiful models to win the girls who need comfort and enjoy a more funky production. The sneakers from the 2013 Ramarim Collection are wonderful and more the face of winter, being perfect for making head of these young girls in the fall and winter 2013 of the Ramarim 2013 Collection.

Enjoy and give a pass on the site of Ramarim our site  and be surprised with the models of each category, and do not forget to get involved with the Collection Ramarim 2013.