Red Dress: How to Create Elegant and Modern Looks with This Intense Color

Red is an intense and striking color, there are those who love and who do not use at all. She shares opinions, but it sure is a color that conveys an extra dose of sensuality and elegance.

Red Dress How to Create Elegant and Modern Looks with This Intense Color

When we put together two super feminine elements, like the dress and the red color, the result is a look glamorous and full of personality. It is worth remembering that the color red can vary pulling more towards the orange or the cherry tone.

The combinations are endless, you can mount a monochrome look, red from head to toe, or bet on a third piece for a more laid back production. Just like the dress models that are also several, from the basic day to day along to more formal events.

In order to have no doubts when using the piece on different occasions, we have elaborated some tips in partnership with the fashion and style consultant Lili Fuzikava. Check out!

Casual red dress

The casual dress is the most loose, light and unpretentious. Ideal for several occasions, just add a third piece and the look is transformed. “A shirt tied around the waist combined with an ankle boot,” Lili says. The consultant also gives tips on parts that match the red dress: “also more casual pieces such as sneakers, skirts, jeans pieces as a vest or jacket.”

Rolled red dress

The swirled dress already has an exclusive charm and the red color leaves the piece even more feminine. To emphasize this characteristic, Lili indicates to use a belt evidencing even more the waist. She also explains that this model serves both to disguise wider hips and to those who have shoulders broader than the hips.

Red printed dress

As red is a more striking color, the more classic prints like plaid, polka dots and stripes are a good choice for anyone who still has a bit of fear in wearing red more print. “Beware of the size of the print. Very large and spaced prints give the impression of increasing the area where it is being used “, advises Lili.

Short red dress

Here it appears in day-to-day looks or ballad looks. “For the evening, you wager on powerful accessories to make up the look: heeled sandals, flashy earrings or necklaces and small bags,” the consultant says. Already for more formal occasions, the tip is to bet on more discreet accessories.

Midi red dress

The darling model of the moment can move between several styles in the red color, for a more classic look bet on a high heel, and for a more relaxed look the white sneakers is the right bet. “For a feeling of stretching, combine midi lengths with heeled shoes and nude tones,” a valuable tip from the fashion consultant.

Long red dress

Here the look gets an extra touch of sensuality and femininity, without the slightest effort. “For a sexy look, the dress may have cracks, cutouts or necklines,” advises Lili. The consultant also explains that depending on the fabric, the long red dress may be more casual or formal. “For informal occasions, opt for knit dresses,” Lili says.

Red lace dress

Another model that has an extra touch of charm and femininity, the income leaves everything more delicate and light. The fashion consultant gives some tips on how to use this model: “For those who have big breasts, the best type of neckline are vertical like U or V, because they lengthen the trunk. Avoid take-off, or very closed collars. “

Satin Red Dress

One model that is super high now is the satin dress, it has a more sensual footprint. But if you want to give the look a different look, Lili will teach you: “If you want to get away from the sensuality of these models, give them a cool touch by wearing them with undershirts or ankle boots.”

Red party dress

The red party dress is practically a classic of the female universe. Lili advises bet on few accessories to compose the look, since the red dress draws attention alone. She also gives a golden tip: “If it is to be a maid of honor, it is better to wear red if the bride agrees, because the color is very attractive and can dispute attention with the bride.”