Release: 6 Perfect Looks in Illusyon Jeans and Combos

Yesterday I went to the Mall MontSerrat meet new Illusyon Jeans shop there and I was in love with the entire collection!

The brand is super cool and has all the pieces of the season darlings: pants detonated, resin-coated, with poá, overalls, salopetes, vests, shirts, jeans, anyway, there were so many options that I was so lost in time to make my choice.

Every blogger could choose a piece from the collection to call your own! Amid such option I stayed more than divided. I tried a pair of jeans off and a gardener super cute! I confess that the pants stirred in my heart, what detonated was DIVO and modeling was perfect, but I ended up choosing the pants for men because it’s a super different and do not use for more than 10 years, so I think I’m going to be forced to get out of my comfort zone and dare a little more in an attempt to assemble assemble different looks!

And then girls … Do you like my choice?

I can’t wait to be able to debut the gardener and I have 1000 ideas already to show you around!

For those who want to learn about the items and the brand, just hit a Illusyon shops in malls: Praia da Costa, North South, master Alvaro, Laranjeiras, Montserrat and gardens. In addition to having a perfect modeling, the price of parts is super fair, everything just the way we like it! The Valley is super worth the visit!

Kiss Divas!!!

Happy holidays to you!