Ruby Rose, Gay Icon, The Bell Denim & Supply of Ralph Lauren. Can Fashion Give The Temperature of a Society?

We love the news: Ruby Rose, gay icon, is the new protagonist, along with Hailey Baldwin and Edward Granger, of the new campaign for the 2016 Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren spring. We are anticipating events or is this a signal that something is changing in the American society?

The model, DJ and actress Ruby Rose has been one of the reasons why the last season of Orange is the new black has kept us glued to the small screen, a series acclaimed by critics and many Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Ralph Lauren signature also is in love with incredible factions of this Australian and its more androgynous style. And although Ruby has left behind the Litchfield jail uniform to become the new face of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, it has not abandoned all his masculine look nor its provocative attitude. A decision of the firm Ralph Lauren which we welcome and which It makes us wonder whether something is really changing in the attitude to homosexuals, If fashion is capable of measuring the temperature of society or, in this case in particular, whether directly that, following the retirement of Ralph Lauren a few months ago, his successor Stefan Larsson is trying to energize the brand as it. And choose an icon as Ruby can raise blisters in some more conservative sectors of society, but also grab a lot of good headlines.

However, we are confident that new Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren campaign also capture headlines for other reasons. For example, as part of this campaign, created a series of four exclusive chapters, with New York as a backdrop, which will be released via Instagram signature account: @DenimandSupplyRL.

To star in this mini-series, actress Ruby Rose and Edward Granger to join a group of models, including Hailey Baldwin (Yes, you know, the girlfriend of Justin Bieber).

Thus gets to create a cinematic experience in social media, the part of image being the responsibility of the photographer Mark Seliger, supplemented by a digital campaign worldwide, we are confident that it will also give much to talk about. Whether or not Ruby Rose when gay icon and an actress that love to be protagonist of the controversy.

Photos: Ralph Lauren

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