The Models Incredible Shrinking of Saint Laurent Unleashed The Controversy (Again)

The years pass and the fashion brands do not learn. As if lived a continuous déjà vu, Saint Laurent has returned to show a too-thin model in campaign. If two years ago the United Kingdom banned campaigning by the unhealthy thinness of the model Kiki Willems, these new advertising images again to make alarm bells. and the IPPV (L’ Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle of the Publicité) checks off these images of offensives by “degrading to women”.

In the new campaign we see the model Fernanda Oliveira in roller skates and fishnets posing in a position really wonder, lying on the ground. For this reason the IPPV asked Saint Laurent modify these images, because the message transmitting to young people and adolescents is not the most suitable on what is a healthy body.

The complaints against the campaign not only derive from the excessive thinness of the model, but by the dyes sexist that flirting is new chic sex advertising, that some people and feminist associations appreciate signs of misogyny and show a female subject, “a reified woman, hipersexualizada in submissive positions”, according to Raphaëlle Remy-Leleu, spokesman of the French feminist group Osez le féminisme. They also accuse Saint Laurent be intentionally controversial to talk about them.