The Rest of The Stylists Already Copied to Sex in New York

Since they began recording sex in New York already knew that It would be a film that would mark trend, as well, we already began to see its influence in the television series. Gossip Girl (one of my favorite series), has started broadcasting in the United States in its second season, but as always, we anticipate events and we already have images of the shoot.

If the style of the series in the first season were fantastic, mixing the College looks with the latest trends, in the second season they have made efforts even more in this aspect. In the upper picture we can see to Blair (Leighton Meester), with a set that reminds me of the outfit he wore Carrie along with the Eiffel Tower bag.

Both outfits They combine garments with different prints in shades of green, While on the set of Gossip Girl get more color with the red flowers of the skirt and yellow bag (much less striking that the) Eiffel Tower bag). So that we can already take note of a new trend setting fashion by sex in New York: mixing prints and much more flashy the merrier.