Trend: Touchy Subject Stars & Stripes – Do or Don’t?

For a long time, the American flag won their place in the fashionable sky of the controversy. While the 50 stars and 13 stripes encounter bad blood but repeatedly.

Because T-Shirts, pants and towels already apply as the trend of the summer, seems no one substance to make more thoughts about the Symbolhaftigeit of this red blue white piece. At the latest with his omnipresence at the recent Coachella Festival, whose holder with harsh criticism were inundated. Including Kate Bosworth, who quite openly wearing their Balmain top in washed out look plus stars & stripes pressure through the area is responsible for this annoyance. American war veterans now refer to the “federal flag code”, the says:

“The banner should never “serve as a clothing” or “be secured in a manner, pictured, stored or used, which makes it possible simply to tear it, pollute or destroy in any form.”


“Our flag stands for so many victims. She is the glue that holds together our patriotism. Shame on those who violate them somehow”, argue that further.

From the European perspective, however, other issues emerge, who rail against wearing a U.S. flag: we want to actually identify with this country? It on an imaginary podium set and worship? Or here is the principle of the inverted logic, the inverted meaning? So how did at that time also the mods with the parkas, could be as much from the target, to reverse the symbol of the flag, to question or to put in a completely new context.

I’m not Patriot, nor war veteran opponent or proponent. I live too far away to assess served by prohibiting that leaves casual wearing of the flag of wounds in the hearts of critics and how much rebellion is also just looking at the bleating. The only thing I can say is that the fashionable result of the whole spat like me very well. Fashion should be fun, fashion should know few bounds. She can be expression of inner attitude, can confuse or speak volumes. Banning the flag on clothes would be truly a medieval throwback.

I just wonder what voices will be loud, would come at once to the idea of the fashion pack, to carry the German flag as designer clothes through the area.

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