Trends and Katie Holmes: Do Pictures or Moles?

As effectively on the occasion of the collection of Comme des Garçons for H & M It seems that the polka dots that had been most in had some seasons back. However, on this occasion they have to fight to have a place with design star of the season that are the pictures. We have seen them on shirts, dresses, skirts and pants. In many versions, but I think that the classic red Plaid remains that, a classic.

Katie Holmes seems very attentive to Jezebel, because you are last in recent times. It has adopted two trends as an integral part of your wardrobe. We saw it with Rei Kawakubo moles until anyone else could get their hands on them and now it seems that it has also decided to steal his Tom lumberjack shirt. For what that male clothes are. The truth I like your two styles. They are simple and very copyable.

The first goes from grey skinny jeans, cotton and white cashmere pullover shirt, with moles to neck. The other with jeans straight leg and Plaid Shirt with a Brown belt marking figure. Two fall looks very well chosen, but that if they realize their thoughtful expression in both photos. Be Katie continues to believe that it will better if moles or pictures?