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Yearbook 2010

2010 IsraelIsrael. On May 31, the Israeli Navy stormed the international aid convoy "Ship to Gaza", en route with supplies to the closed Gaza Strip, killing nine Turkish activists. On board the six ships of the convoy were hundreds of activists from 32 countries, including eleven from Sweden. When Israeli commandos, via helicopters and warships, attacked and boarded the vessels on international waters, they met aboard the Turkish ship "Mavi Marmara" activists armed with knives and guns, firing at them and forcing the vessels into the Israeli port city of Ashdod. Dozens of injured activists were taken to hospitals. Many others, including seven Swedes, were arrested, interrogated and released after a few days.

Israel Population

According to COUNTRYAAH, Israel has a population of 8.884 million (2018). The outside world protested in harsh terms and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said he was shocked by the shooting deaths. UN Human Rights Council The UNHRC found in an investigation that Israel had violated the Geneva Convention and other international law through willful killing, torture and inhuman treatment. According to the UN body, the violence was "totally unnecessary and inconceivable". Israel believed that the soldiers acted in self-defense and that the embarkation was necessary because otherwise it threatened to break the blockade against the Gaza Strip. But according to the report, the blockade was also a violation of international law. An Israeli investigation, led by retired Major General Giora Eiland, determined that the soldiers who boarded the vessels had been ill-prepared and that cooperation with the intelligence service Mossad had failed;

Dramat deteriorated the already frozen relationship with the former ally Turkey, who called his ambassador from Israel, imposed a ban on Israeli military flight in Turkish airspace and demanded damages and a public apology from Israel, something the Israelis refused to give. In January, Israel had apologized for the Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Avalon humiliating Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Celikkol at a meeting.

In January, the government published an investigation into the Gaza offensive 2008-2009, intended as a response to the so-called Goldstone Report of 2009 in which Israel had been severely criticized. The new investigators defended the offensive but admitted that the attack on the UN agency UNWRA's Gaza City Office had violated the ban on firing artillery grenades near populated areas. Ban Ki Moon reported in February that it was unclear whether Israelis and Palestinians had followed the November 2009 UN resolution that stated that both sides would launch "independent, credible and internationally acceptable" investigations into the Gaza war within three months.

Dubai police reported during the year identifying a number of Israelis suspected of involvement in the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a high ranking commander of the Islamist Hamas movement, who had been found murdered in the emirate in January. According to Dubai police, Mossad was behind the murder. In total, there were 32 suspects who had all traveled to Dubai on fake Western passports, which caused Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom to protest by expelling Israeli diplomats.

In October, the government decided to present a bill that meant that all new citizens of the country must swear allegiance to the State of Israel as a "Jewish and democratic state". Many within the country's Palestinian minority were critical of the law change.

Amir Makhoul, a Palestinian activist and Israeli citizen, was sentenced in October to at least seven years in prison for spying on behalf of the militant Lebanese group of Hizbullah. Makboul acknowledged what he was accused of, but said the information he provided was available to anyone on the Internet.

Moshe Katsav, president in 2000-07, was sentenced on December 30 for two cases of rape against his employees. The sentence was expected to be at least four years in prison. In May, Israel was welcomed as a new member of the OECD's partner countries.

42 people were killed in forest fires that ravaged near Haifa in northern Israel for four days in early December.

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