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Central African Republic

Yearbook 2010

Central African Republic. According to COUNTRYAAH, Central African Republic has a population of 4.666 million (2018). General elections that would have been held during the year were postponed in rounds and were finally announced until January 2011. Parliament decided to extend the president's term until the election could take place. Otherwise, he would have had to retire in June. The election commission's lack of money was cited as the main reason why the elections could not be conducted on time. In October, however, it was announced that the work on compiling the lengths of votes could have ended.

Central African Republic Population

In the northern part of the country there were occasional clashes between the army and armed militia groups. The greatest threat to the civilian population was the Ugandan rebel movement Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), which repeatedly raided villages and robbed children. Since the UN Security Council voted in May to withdraw the MINURCAT peacekeeping force of about 300 men from the Central African Republic and Chad, at the latter's request, the Central African Republic appealed to both the UN and the US for military support to destroy the LRA. The dreaded Ugandan militia is mainly active in the Central African Republic and Congo (Kinshasa) after being driven out of its home country.

In connection with the country celebrating 50 years as an independent state, the government announced that it had decided to re-establish the former dictator and self-proclaimed emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa, 14 years after his death. The government described Bokassa as a "national builder" and avoided mentioning his bloody rule and looting of the treasury.

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