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Yearbook 2010

Mongolia. After a dry and hot summer of 2009, which destroyed a significant part of the hay crop, Mongolia was hit by an unusually bitter winter with a lot of snow and a temperature around -40 ~ C for long periods in most of the country. Millions of livestock animals succumbed to the cold and lack of feed. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) decided to pay shepherds to collect the cadavers, partly to create jobs, and partly to reduce the risk of epidemics in the snowmelt.

Mongolia Population

According to COUNTRYAAH, Mongolia has a population of 3.17 million (2018). President Tsachiagijn Elbegdordj announced in parliament in January that he would henceforth convert all death sentences to 30 years in prison. He explained that his conscience forbade him to approve executions. However, the president was not considered to have the opinion, and this stop for executions was believed to be demolished when the next president takes over.

The ruling former communist Mongolian revolutionary party, now considered a center-left party, decided at its congress in November to change its name to the Mongolian People's Party, to reflect that its ideal is no longer revolution but "development and social harmony. ".

Mongolia is still one of Asia's poorest countries, but its huge mineral resources are expected to provide an economic boost over the next few decades. China, in particular, has great interest in its raw materials. In October, Mongolian Mining Corporation became the first company from Mongolia to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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